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  1. Artist: Melodi
    format, "Tittel på album", Plateselskap (platenummer)

20.05.2024: DJ Movidar: Under radaren 09 (Vidar Moen)

  1. Windup: Sevilla una Maravilla
    CD, "Music Boxes", Warm Circuit, not released, (discogs)
  2. Elfmilk: The Oracle (edit)
    CD, "White Dwarf vs Black Dwarf", self released, (discogs)
  3. Julia Wolfe & LAD: LAD (for nine bagpipes) Part 2 (edit)
    CD, "Dark Full Ride", Cantaloupe Music, 2009 (CA21058), discogs
  4. Aaron Martin: Water Tongue
    CD, "Worried About The Fire", Experimedia, 2010 (EXPCD012), discogs
  5. Spyweirdos: e (edit)
    CD, "Ten Letters", Creative Space Records, 2009 (CS019), discogs
  6. Technical Drawings: Marching Band
    CD, "The Ruined Map", Gagarin Records, 2011 (GR2025), discogs
  7. TSIGOTI: The Sickofwar Traine
    CD, "PrivatePovertySpeaksToThePeopleOfTheParty", ESP Disk, 2009 (ESP 4057), discogs
  8. Fluorescent Grey: Mawaributai Shimpan Utazaimon
    CD, "The Masonic Assassination of William Morgan", bandcamp
  9. Random Touch: Blue Ice
    CD, "A Way From the Heard", randomtouch.com/store.html
  10. Gavin Huck: North Cross
  11. Ben Solo: Tinside Lido
  12. Andrew Prior: St Peter's Church
    CD, "CCPCP", Cafe Concrete, 2010 (cccd01), discogs
  13. Mikrokolektyw: Rocket Street
    CD, "Revisit", Delmark Records, 2010 (DE-591), discogs
  14. Piotr Kurek: Go Up
    CD, "Lectures", Crónica, 2009 (042~2009), discogs
  15. Gadomski/Mirt: Track With Hang
    CD, "Si Si", Monotype Records, 2008 (mono 021), discogs
  16. Mike Cooper: Surf Rise At Ko'Olau
  17. Chris Abrahams: Black Sand Bay
  18. Tujiko/English/Chantler: White Film (Live)
  19. Tim Hecker: Apondalifa (Excerpt)
    CD, "10", Room40, 2010 (RMP410), bandcamp
  20. Callers: Dressed in Blue
    CD, "Life Of Love", Western Vinyl, 2010 (WEST073), discogs
  21. FaravelliRatti: Raise Your Voice (exclusive Wire Tapper)
    CD, "The Wire Tapper 24", Wire Magazine, 2010 (Issue 320), discogs artist
  22. Gentleforce: The Desert Song
    CD, "Sacred Spaces (Powwow Nine)", Feral Media, 2010 (FM56), discogs
  23. Fuzzy Lights: Obscura
    CD, "Twin Feathers", Little Red Rabbit Records, 2010 (LRR 020), discogs
  24. To Blacken The Pages: Sodium Haze
    CD, "Bogland", Colony Records, 2012 (C010), discogs

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