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  1. Artist: Melodi
    format, "Tittel på album", Plateselskap (platenummer)

21.01.2019: Australia/Mark E. Smith/Pete Shelley (Tore Hauge)

  1. YOB MOB: Walking tall
  2. YOB MOB: Stuey Tonkin
  3. YOB MOB: Stand together
    CD, Moonstomp & Yob Mob "Bald brothers abroad", Yoblife, 2015
  4. INCOMPLETE: Make it right
  5. INCOMPLETE: Cheapskate
    CD, Promo, 2017
  6. MACH PELICAN: Born to delivery
  7. NANCY VANDAL: Boy trouble
    CD, Billabong-Saturation, Promo
  8. THE FALL: Pay your rates
  9. THE FALL: In the park
  10. THE FALL: Gramme friday
    LP, "Grotesque - After the gramme", Rough Trade 1980
  11. THE FALL: Eat y'self fitter
  12. THE FALL: Smile
  13. THE FALL: I feel voxish
    LP, "Perverted by language", Rough Trade, 1983
  14. THE FALL: Man whose head expanded
    LP + 12", "Fall in a hole - live", Flying Nun, 1983
  15. BUZZCOCKS: Fast cars
  16. BUZZCOCKS: No reply
  17. BUZZCOCKS: Autonomy
    LP, "Another music in a different kitchen", United Artists, 1978
  18. BUZZCOCKS: Ever fallen in love
  19. BUZZCOCKS: Operation manual
  20. BUZZCOCKS: Walking distance(instrumental)
  21. BUZZCOCKS: Love is lies
    LP "Love bites", United Artists, 1978
  22. ALLE GODE TING: 100% normal
    CD ep, Alle Gode Ting, 2015

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