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  1. Artist: Melodi
    "Tittel på album", Plateselskap (Platenummer)

22.03.2004: Cold War Pets (Harald Fetveit)

  1. Diego Cortez: Arbiter
  2. Zoviet*France: Something spooked the horses
    The decriminalization of country music
  3. Christopher Lee and The Hammer City Orchestra: Dracula
  4. Alejandra and Aeron: Kitchen
    Fat Cat split #25
  5. Nurse With Wound: A New Dress (remix)
    Crumb Duck
  6. Deathprod/Treetop drive: #3
    Treetop drive
  7. Astor Piazolla: Tristesa, Separacion
  8. Crawling With Tarts: Bee Opera
  9. Marlon Brando/ Martin Sheen: Errand boy - dialogue
    Apocalypse Now
  10. Francois Douris: B5
    Le disque brutiste
  11. Set Fire To Flames: Vienna Archweld/Fucked Gamelan
    Sings Reign Rebuilder
  12. Set Fire To Flames: Côte d'abrahams room tone
    Sings Reign Rebuilder
  13. Aerospace Soundwise: Todd says rock them bells
    Monologue with accompaniment
  14. Kunstkopf: #5
    7 Stücke
  15. Felix Hess: Ococingo 22/3/83, 10pm
    Frogs 4
  16. Bhob Rhiney: 6 standing desert
    Fringes 07
  17. Audio Fidelity: Cuckoo clock
    Home movie sound effects
  18. Kevin Mc Carthy: Highway monologue
    Invasiion of the bodysnatchers
  19. Mysticum: Crypt of fear
    In the streams of inferno
  20. Lasse Marhaug and Maja Ratkje: Sweet music and lonely beer with ghost
    Music for shopping
  21. Crank Sturgeon: The horrible hrrumming man
    Upon my discovery of the huso dead pan lair
  22. Apollo 10 crew and ground control: 2 o'clock news and horoscopes of the day
    Eagle has landed — man's journey to the moon
  23. Zoviet*France: Electron gate
    The decriminalization of country music
  24. Nurse With Wound: Colder still (ending)
    Thunder perfect mind
  25. Aerospace Soundwise: Forever + Angels
    Monologue with accompaniment
  26. Aerospace Soundwise: Freestyle batle w/Garrison Keillor
    Monologue with accompaniment
  27. Benny Goodman and his orchestra: Sensation rag
    1938 Carnegie Hall jazz concert
  28. Smothers Brothers: Hangman
    Golden hits vol 2
  29. Pure: That side
    The end of vinyl
  30. Crank Sturgeon: Si, see, seas, caes, csaez, conclusional telefones for wires sploon — Ernst
    Upon my discovery of the huso dead pan lair
  31. Joshua Abrams: Departure (cellar)
    Busride dialogues
  32. Cosmonauts Hail Satan: The last vibration of the seventh eternity
    Mortuary Sorcery
  33. Nihil Fist: A1
    Think and destroy
  34. Crank Sturgeon: Under skins nonplussed (scree quoteth heeze meets the layer baby layer sea-you Metz w/drill)
    Upon my discovery of the huso dead pan lair
  35. Pimmon: Bettler Kempt
    Fat Cat split #16
  36. Deathprod: Dead people's things
    Morals and dogma

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